Dreadmire is a VR dungeon crawler with a focus on turn-based combat.

This is our development blog where you will find the newest updates on the development of Dreadmire.

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This week we have been working on a variety of things. For example we worked on the town Haven and have added some features. Furthermore, we have worked on the levels and added details to them, including blood splatting on characters. The attacks of the Witch and Scoundrel got sound effects this week to. Which we are looking forward to see,  or rather “hear” in action. Speaking of combat, we have looked at how the damage information
Inquisitor Texture Frederik Bager This week i have mostly been texturing 3D assets. The main focus have been on the Inquisitor character, which is one of the playable classes in the game. The Inquisitor is inspired by monks, at least in the early armor tiers. As the Inquisitor progresses, he will become more battle hardened, and shift from the classic monk look to a Van Helsing/plague doctor inspired look. LADDERS AND HATCHES KRISTIAN GRIMM This time
Explosive Barrels MARK SKOVRUP This weeek I made explosive barrels, which consists of several smaller barrels that are connected to a big one.These will explode if they take damage. I also textured a lift for the town. Cultists FREDERIK BAGER This week I have spent most of my time texturing the cave, for the main menu scene, but i have also worked a bit on the new cultist faction. The cultist faction are a religious
CAVE TEXTURES FREDERIK BAGER This week i have worked on creating different tileable handpainted textures. These are used to texturize the cave around the main city / menu of the game. The screenshot shows 4 of the tileable textures, and a screenshot of a small part of the cave, that is being texturized. The cave is huge, and will consist of a lot of different textures to break up the large surfaces. Volumetric Lighting Lasse
THE GORE SWINE ANDERS BRUUN Instead of updating the blog with a consistant feed my progression with the city, I took a little time to do some animations for one of our pigmen. Personally I like to call this guy the “Gore Swine” and he’s probably the toughest regular enemy within the pigman roster. Sadly I can’t take the time I’d like to really polish these animations, but I tried find a middle ground between
Magic Shrines, quirks and more Lasse Tassing First version of shrines has been implemented. Right now it’s visually just a crate, but magic things will happen, if you worship it. The first few character quirks has been implemented. Quirks really defines each character in the game and helps to set them apart. A vertex painter and automatic mesh optimizer was created for our new cave scene, enabling the artist team to paint the cave with
It’s a trap! Lasse Tassing It may not look like much, but this week exploding barrels were implemented. It behaves like an enemy in many ways (it can take damage, be teleported and such) but obviously it is a dead object and cannot be a target for psychic effects. This meant quite a lot of changes in the internal game mechanics, but now it works as intended. Environmental traps (hazards) were also implemented. Although it’s
map and spells Lasse Tassing Made a map view, making it a lot easier to navigate the dungeons during play test. Implemented the first twenty hero skills, giving all classes four unique skills. This is obviously just the beginning, but this already make the game a lot more fun to play. This week also included some special effects: A custom lightning strike effect, that will create dynamic, random lightning and still hit the target character
Lighting and code magic Lasse Tassing A lot of infrastructure work going on right now. Refactored the AI system (enemies now have a Brain property). Added character class template system and made a character generator so we can fill the tavern with new victims .. eh.. party members. Visually a line light prototype was tested (for effect lights) and specular highlights were added, which really made blood and characters react much better to the level
Concept book Frederik Bager I have worked on a concept book for the game. The book will be filled with concept art and explanations of game design. The book is made from a cheap sketchbook, some fake leather and 3d-printed corners. I have worn the leather to make it look old an used, as well as painted the corners gold and applied some wash to make it look dirty. shaman concept Frederik bager I have
Morale and attack of oppotunity Lasse Tassing This week several gameplay elements were implemented. First off the morale system, where player characters can gain or loose morale based on game events. The morale of a character affects the damage roll when attacking. Lower morale will lead to a lesser chance of getting a high damage roll (it will never be impossible, though). Then follows the attack of opportunity (or zone of control) mechanic, where all
Volumetric Effects Lasse Tassing http://www.playdreadmire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Dreadmire-_Curse_Explosion_Effect.webm   http://www.playdreadmire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Dreadmire_-_Fire_Explosion_Effect.webm   Originally traps were supposed to be implemented. However, what started out as a quick prototype idea, actually ended up with working volumetric fire and smoke effects. This is a huge improvement over the 2D billboard-based effects used in most games and really creates immersive effect in VR. I found a lot of useful tricks while prototyping this and hopefully I will make a full blogpost about it
Haven Frederik Bager I made a new concept for the home town in the game. The town will allow the player to sell and buy items, receive quests, chose your party members and travel to dungeons. In this new concept, the town is build around a large tower. The different shops and interactable buildings will have a floor each, that will evolve and expand as you progress in the game. One Heavy Pigman Anders Bruhn
Ai spotting and UI overhaul Lasse Tassing This week the AI spotting was changed to have two zone: An instant spot zone, where you get immediately spotted upon entering and a spot zone where you only get spotted, if you end your turn there. This required some major changes in the AI code, because enemies now react out of turn.   The game UI also got an overhaul, adding new path graphics and created a
Our vision with Dreadmire is to create an experience on virtual reality platforms that provides the depth and replayability of hardcore games on the PC market. We think that there is a solid demand for games that are more than just gimmick experiences teasing what the VR platforms are capable of. We want to go all the way and create a spectacular experience with a captivating universe that the player can sink themselves into and
Welcome to Dreadmire We are Bölverk games and we are developing a game called Dreadmire for VR platforms. Dreadmire is a turn-based dungeon crawler set in a ruthless world of despair. Lead your heroes into the darkness, where every decision could mean the difference between life and death. Take control of a group of heroes and battle through dungeons while managing items, skills and the your roster of heroes. As the heroes gain more experience