Devblog 35

new prototype build IS LIVE!

We have uploaded a new build for you to get into and play.

In this post you can read what has changed since last week and follow up on some of the things the team has been working on.

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In This Week’s Prototype

Jesper Halfter:
Game Designer

An army of demons

We have added a several new demonic characters to the enemy roster.
There are now three different alternate types of the three different demon enemies. These variations are called Unholy (weakens their targets), Molten (burns their targets), and Cold (freezes their targets).

Because of the status effects that these new demon types cause, they can be quite a challenge to deal with.

These enemies are present in the second and third level of this week’s build.

New Abilities

We have added several new abilities for you to play around with. These can be assigned to your heroes in the reward scene after each completed scenario.

Giving a voice to the voiceless


I’ve recorded some of my own guttural sounds for the demons and zombie-like creatures of the universe of Dreadmire this week. Layered with aggresive noises of different animals, these cries and shrieks have become pretty neat, I think.

For the great fire demons of the last realm, I’ve mixed some bear growls with frogs croaks and the sizzling of frying veggie nuggets. I love the sound of sizzling food on a hot pan to spice up my sfx, especially for things that needs to sound fierce and corrosive.

Anders  Bruhn Pedersen:
3D Graphical Designer:

Finishing up our first round of character redigns I’ve managed to get the new version of all 3 active heroes into the game. Furthermore, I’ve also added funtional versions of a few new enemy types.


volumetric fire and ability range highlighting

Lasse Tassing:
Lead developer

This week I got our volumetric point cloud renderer up and running again. It enables us to create volumetric fire and smoke effects in blender and then render them in VR. This means that if we have something like a torch fire, it look correct no matter what angle it’s view from whereas it’s easy to spot the billboard planes if a regular particle system was used.

Next up I created a spawn point system for our actors, that allows effects to be spawned from points on either the actor itself or the weapon currently equipped. It really makes a huge difference for the new inquisitor, but obviously improves the look on all the characters.

We also wanted to have highlighting of ability ranges for a while. This seems like an easy task, but because our game is hexbased and visually cuts off some of the hex tiles, it becomes a bit harder. In the end I opted to go with a procedural solution where I find all the outlining points and then generate a mesh. Since the mesh can end up being concave, it ended up being quite a journey in algorithms.
I also made a lot of improvements to the reward scene, added some basic centering of the player and started working on the overarching map structure in the game.


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