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new prototype build IS LIVE!

This week’s prototype build is live!

In this post you can read what has changed since last week and follow up on some of the things the team has been working on.

We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you, so head on over to our Discord community:


The berserker naming competition is over!

We have found the name for our Berserker.
We held a competition on our community where each of the three groups, Sinners, Saints, and Forsaken had the opportunity to come up with a name for our Berserker.

We had some great suggestions and ended up picking Sven Rustblood!

Congratulations to the Sinners!
Thanks to everyone who participated!

A special thanks gous out to our community member Dyslogix.

The winning team will receive keys for our title Dick Wilde on their preferred platform.

Community Factions

Are you a sinner, saint or forsaken?

We have introduced three factions on our community Discord channel.

Members can pick which faction they wish to join.

Joining a faction means that you will have the opportunity to participate in special community events and competitions where the factions compete.

Here’s a bit of backstory to the factions:


Sinners go their own ways. They ignore the laws of the Ivonite Church and follow only their own moral compass. Like snakes, they are dangerous, determined and fierce.


The light of the Invonite Spirit shines upon these trustworthy members of the church. Always acting from the spirit within. Like eagles, Saints are loyal, honorable, and forceful.



Fallen from the light of the Ivonite Church, these outcasts trust no one and owes nothing to the world. Like wolves, forsaken are cunning, composed, and deadly.

In This Week’s Prototype

Jesper Halfter:
Game Designer

Clarity is a priority

We have added ability descriptions that appear when you hover over abilities. The tooltip shows damage, cooldown, action point cost, effects and a description.

We have added target highlights that displays valid targets as you hover over abilities. This makes it a bit easier to figure out how and where you can apply your abilities.

Movement highlighting has been reworked with a new look. It should now be easier to see how far you can move and how many action points you spend.


The reward scene has been implemented. It still needs a lot of work, but now you can grant your heroes new abilities.

New abilities and status effects

We have implemented a wide range of status effects that can have a huge impact on the gameplay:

The character cannot do anything this turn. It cannot be targeted by any abilities.

The first damage dealt to the character this turn is negated.

Damage dealt by this character is increased to 150%

Subtracts 1 action point.

The character’s armor has no effect.

The character cannot move.

The character cannot deal damage.

The character cannot use abilities.

The character cannot move or use abilities.

We added visual effects to all of the status effects, so it should be easier to see when characters are affected.

We have added a range of new abilities that utilize the recently implemented status effects. Some abilities now uses a knock-back effect which will knock enemies away from you.

We also added effects to all abilities when held in the hand. This should make it easier to recognize when you have an ability selected.

Leitmotif Of Dread


Wow, it’s been a busy week, this one. And a really good one! First of all, I’ve composed an end credit tune, made with the East West library, like the other tracks I’ve composed. This germ here is orchestral, to the very bones. It’s still a work in progress, though.
Because I’m not good with surprises myself, I’ll let you listen to the whole jam here and now!

Besides writing music, a lot of sfx for abilities has been made, for both the berserker, the witch and the inquisitor. Lightning orbs, war cries etc. now sounds even more wicked, than before … they didn’t have any sounds before … so … yeah!



This week i have worked on the visual design for the Church Guard enemies.

These enemies will populate the first part of the game, and will come in a melee, ranged and support variation.

These guys are reanimated skeletons with a roman twist to their armors and ornaments.

Precious Progress

Anders  Bruhn Pedersen:
3D Graphical Designer:

Lately I’ve been working quite intensely on getting our new character models ready for the game, and this week I’ve finally been able to implement some of them.

Our new berserker is at a stage where he is fully usable ingame, and our witch is well her on way there aswell. Next step is getting our new inquisitor ready for battle.


Lasse Tassing:
Lead developer

This week we are really pushing towards a complete game loop and as such I spent some time on scene and application management structure.

This included loading and saving game state, setting up debugging features (so we can test each step of the game directly) and basic scene loading.

I also implemented all the status effects, made an spreadsheet importer for enemies (allows the game designer to quickly rebalance), added an enemy progress bar and implemented a lot of minor tweaks.

Until now we used the latest Post-processing Stack from Unity and even ported our bloom effect to work under this stack.

This week I did a quick profile (I do this regularly, since this is a VR game) and much to my surprise, it was eating up a whopping 2ms (20% of our renderbudget) – with all effects off! I dived into the code (thankfully it’s open source) and it quickly got apparent, at we were falling into the “Legacy” category, because we have not a scriptable render pipeline yet.

Now, I fully believe that the scriptable render pipeline system is the future for unity and I also understand that it requires extra effort to make things like the post-processing stack work on both technologies, but it was still a bit disappointing that we had to rework our post processing to work without the new stack.

I also did some investigation on alternative light calculation techniques, but it’s still too early to share any of the findings.

All in all, it really feels like the game is coming more together this week.

Witch Staff


This week I have been busy with other projects than dreadmire, but i still managed to model a demon staff. The texture is made by Frederik.

Reward Scene Implementation

Mark Olsen:

This week i have been implementing the reward scene prototype into the game. This scene is displayed after every level where get choose your spoils of war.

In the future it is intended to contain other forms of rewards such as items, amulets, corruptions and consumables.

As of now it supports weapons and actions (aka abilities and spells) for the heroes. We do not want the player to spend hours doing inventory management, so for this reason we have chosen limit the amount of options and choices.

This is to shorten the time spent choosing your rewards but also to give the player some tough decisions to make. Furthermore we have now added a persistent game session to the playthrough. Meaning that your heroes punishment, and rewards, are now carried with you to the next level.

On top of that the game now has a simple map, that linearly chains multiple levels together giving you a longer playthrough.

Download this week’s prototype build!

Head on over to, download our demo and join our discord and tell us what you think

We appreciate any feedback we can get and we welcome all new users to join us in making Dreadmire the very best VR dungeon crawler!

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