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new prototype build IS LIVE!

This week’s prototype build is live! In this post you can read what has changed since last week and follow up on some of the things the team has been working on.

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in This week’s prototype

Jesper Halfter:
Game designer

Destructible props

This week we’ve introduced destructible props. Among these are exploding barrels, oil barrels, barricades and urns. We are still testing these and they are far from finished, but you can play around with them now. Be careful though! Exploding barrels are exactly as dangerous as they sound.

New enemies to fight

This week’s level features a wider variety of enemy types. No more fighting only Pigmen. You will encounter zombie-like beings called Flayed Ones, demon soldiers, demon mages, and two types of wasps.
We are testing how a wider variety of enemies impacts the combat gameplay.


We are currently testing how expanding the playing field (amount of tiles on each floor) will allow for more options in terms of movement in combat, and what it means in terms of the heroes becoming more more vulnerable.

Enemy AI

We’ve introduced basic A.I. which allows for us to tweak how enemies behave. Some enmies will patrol within their spawn area, while other’s will ranged enemies will attempt to keep your heroes at effective range. Read more on that in Lasse’s post below.

New enemy – Curruption floater


This week I sculpted and textured yet another enemytype. The corrupted bomb enemy floats above the ground and when it gets close to your heroes, it will explode and do alot of damage.

Be careful and smart when fighting against this nasty creature. Maybe you can take out multiple enemies before it gets to you?

Enemy AI

Lasse Tassing:
Lead developer

Until now enemies basically just located the nearest hero and tried to path towards that location. When possible they would perform a basic hardcoded attack. While this approach was fine during early prototyping, we really needed something more sophisticated.

Previously I have experimented a bit with utility based AI, so while the current design does not include configurable utility functions, it’s pretty much based on the same principles.

The AI uses proximity and threat influence maps to calculate placement (avoiding danger while still being in attack range) and understands how to use all damage based abilities we have in the game right now.

When we later add considerations and utility weights to abilities, the AI will be able to figure out when to use special abilities, when to attack and when it’s better to move to a more secure location before attacking. For now the game has become a bit more challenging and it was done in only two days, so that’s pretty good.

Additionally I added support for gameplay item spawns (such as exploding barrels, barricades and treasures) in both our editor and in the game logic. Luckily this was fairly easy, because much of the infrastructure was already in place.

Finally I fixed some minor bugs and added a couple ability components to build some more exotic abilities with.

Predatory progress

Anders  Bruhn Pedersen:
3D Graphical Designer:

Been spending most of this week making rough animations for our enemies aswell as generally setting them up for gameplay. I did however find time to finish off the corrupted spider model I’ve had on hold for a while now.

So far I’ve managed to bake normal map and AO to the low poly model. I’ve also been working on the ranged variant of the demon faction.

They’re pretty similar to the regular ones, the largest difference being spine-like growths on their back and a head that splits into 4 seperate jaws.




I started this week with making a new scene in Unity and before you ask: “What’s a sound dude making a scene in Unity for?”, I’ll tell you, lil’ brat!

We are making a intro scene for the game, in which you’ll meet the great God of the underworld for the first time. One thing we would like our giant demon to do, is to move his face to the dialogue audio. And not the other way around.

So a big amount of time this week, I’ve spent trying to find a nice way to get his face animation to sync with audio. And lo and behold – I found a great way to do this.

Besides that, I’ve made some explosion sfx for our new barrels and a few other things.

Witch V2


We are currently redesigning the heroes of the game.
With focus on creating distinct silhouettes and more personality to each of the heroes.

This week i have worked on the witch character.
The new design is more grounded, with less saturated colors and a less “high fantasy” outfit.

Instead of being as heroic and fierce as the old design, she is now more mystical and ominous.

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