new prototype build Available

We have released a new prototype build!

We would appreciate your feedback, so head on over to our Discord community and download the build:


War Drums & Oreos!



This week in the sound workshop, I’ve been working on sound effects for some our new dudes in the game. We’ve added some corrupted zombies with big, disgusting claws to rip the flesh off of our heroes. At least that’s kinda what it sounds like, right now.
I was sitting at home eating Oreos (as one would do, duh! of course …) and found that the sound of the wrapping was awesome for small bones breaking. I spiced it up with some stretching rubber and it’s now the sound of the movement for these hideous bastards.

Besides SFX, I’ve added some war drums for the battle music, and it adds some more tension to the battles. Both of our programmers are on vacation at the moment, so battle music is still not implemented yet, so as I always end my blog post saying: I really look forward to try it out in the game.


Reanimating the dead




This week I finished sculpting one of our corrupted melee enemies. It has been super fun to make something as nasty as this guy, and i learned a lot in the process of making him.


Continuing the journey of character remakes

Anders  Bruhn Pedersen
3D Graphical Designer



I’ve started on our new scoundrel model . The general idea behind the character redesigns, aside from higher quality, was also give each character a stronger visual identity. For the Scoundrel we’ve chosen to stray away from progressively armored look of the old concept, and settled on more colorful street-rat look. In order to emphasize her agile nature, we’ve made the character decidedly youthful, separating her from the rest of the playable characters.



End of my journey

Emil Leisner
CG Generalist Intern



Lately I’ve been working on a bunch of different things; mostly prop & weapon modeling. On top of that I have also been working on the rig for one of the non-humanoid creatures players will encounter in the game. Sadly this will probably be my last entry here, as I am nearing the conclusion of my internship at Bolvërk; it has been great 🙂 I look forward to seeing Dreadmire on the shelves some day and (hopefully) be able to spot some of the things I helped bring to life 🙂 Cheers!

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