new prototype build Available

We have released a new prototype build!

We would appreciate your feedback, so head on over to our Discord community and download the build:

This week’s build


Increased difficulty

We are changing the difficulty of the game from day to day. This week we’ve been testing the game on a noticeably higher difficulty level. This means that you will have to think about your moves and plan ahead in order to stay alive.

Wasp enemies

We have added a temporary enemy that will appear inside the level. These nasty wasps are not spawned by the corruption sources, but instead roam around from the beginning of the level. They deal significant damage, so try to keep them stunned and at a distance.

Reworked abilities

We are constantly testing different abilities in order to find out what works and what doesn’t in relation to the gameplay that we are aiming for. This week’s build sees some of the abilities removed and others added or reworked.

Targeting indicator

We are currently testing different ways to indicate ability targeting. We have added a new indicator model which will appear at your fingertips every time you are about to select a target with an ability.

Movement button

We have added a visible button to the movement action on heroes similar to that of abilities.


Gone are the temporary controller models we had in previous prototypes. We are currently testing hand models for the player. We aim to have fully animated hands in the future, so the ones that you will find in the current prototype are just a hint of what is to come.

DeselectION indicator

When moving one of your heroes you should now see a “deselect” icon if you are not aiming at a floor position.

Corruption source rework


This week i have reworked the visual design of the Corruption Source. The corruption source uses the small nozzles on either side to spew corruption on to the level.

It now also has an eye, that will follow the player around at times. This will work to increase the immersion of the player, and make them feel like they exist in the universe.

Corruption source rework


This week I had the pleasure of sculpting one of the nasty enemies. Its still a work in progress, but im close to have the baseshapes right. Im gonna add some nasty teeth to hes mouth and stomach and also tear hes flesh apart. Next week is gonna be fun.




This week I’ve added new stems to SRAMG (the Semi-Random Ambient Music Generator).

I’ve fed it with over 35 different ambient stems and it’s really starting to sound nice! The cool thing about the SRAMG is, we can keep feeding it stems, and it’ll add so much more depth to the composition.

I’ve implemented it in our demo and I think I’ve got something really cool going on now, for when our heros are exploring the realms. Unfortunately the battle music is not triggered when fighting yet, but that is the next awesome step. And it’s really fricking exciting to see how that’ll work out, right?!

Enough blabbering, here’s a little snippet!

Reward scene prototyping

Mark Olsen:

This week i have been working on the reward scene.

You can see it as the break in between levels, where you have to make tough consequential decisions on the behalf of your characters. I have been working on making it a satisfying experience when receiving and handling new loot. As well as providing the tools for the player to make the best choice.

Reactive Rediscovery

Anders  Bruhn Pedersen:
3D Graphical Designer:
For a while now we’ve had some issues with the fact that our hero characters were originally made to be seen at a small scale.
The problem arose when we first introduced the heroes into the reward scene, as this ment we would now be face to face with the characters

Luckily we’ve finally come to the conclusion that having more detailed characters is more important than having outfit progression, as it no longer tied into the gameplay.

As a result I’ve started working on the sculpt for our berserker, and while he obviously isn’t finished, I think it’s clear that we can achieve much richer characters by sculpting them.

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