new prototype build Available

We have released a new prototype build!

We would appreciate your feedback, so head on over to our Discord community and download the build:

This week’s build

Character previewing map

This weeks build features some experiments with character previewing. We have added a navigation system to different pages within the character preview scene.

New Damage Popups

Whenever a character takes damage, you will see new damage popups above the character.

Game Lighting

We have experimented with different post-processing effects. In this build you will find that the lighting in the scene looks radically different to the previous build.

As of now, we can quickly add new lighting presets which allows us to create a ton of different moods for the different levels.


Balacning is something that changes on a daily basis. For this build we have changed the balancing entirely in regards to health, armor and damage of characters and abilities.

I’m Back!

Lead Developer:
Lasse Tassing

This week I added armor stats and calculations to the core loop. I also improved the character sheet navigation with a visual navigation tree and tweaked in input handling so it responds better on oculus controllers. To improve the visual feedback during combat, I added some small tooltips when characters change health and/or armor.

The internal core loop was refactored to support reactive actions: This allows us to create actions that are activated in response to other actions. A classic example would be retaliation attack that is activated as a response to an incoming melee attack.

With this new system, I went ahead and implemented some basic traits on the berserker (retaliation) and inquisitor (overwatch shot). These are not permanent traits, but it’s a really good way to get some more class flavor and test out the new reaction system.

Even though I primarily focused on gameplay this week, I still managed to implement some actor lighting support in our shader, the art team can test out, a basic relief shader for stone reliefs in the cathedral walls and a bloom effect that I finally managed to port to the new Unity Post-processing Stack v2.

Decorative Demons

3D Graphical Designer:
Anders  Bruhn Pedersen

Lately I’ve been working on bringing the residents of hell to life. Having almost finished the zbrush sculpt I figured they were ready to be made into statues.

This means replacing the existing statues with the more detailed demon statues. Not only do we achieve a more elegant look to our cathedral, but we also manage to bring a more sinister atmosphere to our levels.

Weapons and inherent abilities

Game Designer:
Jesper Brun Halfter

We have made a design change to how weapons are going to work in Dreadmire.

All weapons will have an inherent ability that the hero carrying it will be able to use in combat.

The goal is to make the choice between two weapons more interesting, by having the player compare not just the stats of the weapon but also their inherent abilities.

Another goal is to allow for players to go for radical strategies with unorthodox ability combinations for their heroes.

Believable curtains

Creative Director:
Joachim Brüel Gerber

this week have added new banners and curtains to the levels. they where created using cloth simulations and its working quite well. we will use this technique for every prob that has cloth as a part of it and hopefully add a new level of believability.


Mark Olsen

This week i have been prototyping the players inventory, for using mid game consumables. Trying to find a usable way to display and interact with items and the inventory.

I have also been prototyping whether if spells casted by you the player are a good addition to the game. Albeit they can’t have unlimited uses, despite how fun they are to play with.

Realm 3 Enemies


This week i have worked on variations of the enemies in the third realm.

These creatures summon the corrupted creatures the player will find in the different realms, and they act as the “right hand” to the leader of the underworld.

These enemies are very tough and powerful and will only be found in the third realm.

This is still very much work in progress, and may be altered a lot or even redesigned completely before they enter the game.


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