We have opened up our community server to the world!

This week we changed our discord channel and relaunched it as our Bolverk Games Community server.

If you want to discuss our games, talk about VR, get the latest news and help us make better games, we would love to have you join our server!

We aim to share Dreadmire prototypes on a weekly basis and we are actively looking for feedback from you!

We have just released a new prototype build for you to try. Find the link in our news channel on our Discord server:

Discord Link:


Magical Character Preview

This weeks prototype has been made to test a new way of inspecting characters in Dreadmire.

The player can open an information sheet that shows the character and relevant stats inside a magical portal on a sheet of paper.

The paper is completely flat, but when you look at it from the front, you will look into a small world and see the character within, with stats hovering in the air.

We feel that this is a very unique interface and we would love to hear your opinion.

New character movement mechanics

We have changed the way you move characters.

The current format is that characters move instantly with a blurred trail behind them. With this feature we aim to create a sense of movement while still allowing players to move characters around at a rapid pace.

Action point highlighting

The action points are new displayed at the feet of the heroes.

With this change we aim to make it as clear as possible to the player how many action points a hero has.

As a side effect we have made the action points visible through other objects. We added this feature with the aim of making it easier for the player to find the heroes inside the level.

Health bar

We have added a health bar that surrounds the feet of all characters.

Give us your feedback

We would love to hear your opinions on these new features. If you wish to provide this feedback directly to us, simply join our discord and write your thoughts in the feedback channel for Dreadmire.

Discord Link:


This week i have worked on the enemies of Dreadmire. I have focused on the enemies for the third realm, where the world is completely overtaken by corruption. The enemies are extremely mutated humans. They have been deformed by the corruption to such a degree, that only little of their old form remain.

These enemies are controlled and summoned by the guy on the left, who acts as a spellcaster/officer in the 3rd realm. This guy is not mutated like the others, but originates from the corrupted world.


This week, I started off by painting a lot of wooden textures for some of our models. I Also made 3 golden frames.

Now they just need some actual paintings to go with them. The last model is a bowl to light up the environment with some coal.



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