The warm weather has arrived to Copenhagen and we are back with our weekly devblog. Things are moving forward at a rapid pace and we are excited to share some of the progress with you.



This week I have been busy modeling some weapons for the Heretic, to stab his enemies with. He uses daggers. I also got to paint some textures for them.

The Three Realms of Dreadmire


This week i have worked on creating the visual goals for the three realms of Dreadmire.

The game takes place in a cathedral/monastery setting, that becomes increasingly covered by corruption.

In the final realm there are hardly any signs of human architecture left. The players will find themselves in a place built of a living, pulsating mass; with bones, teeth and human corpses sticking out of the walls.

It is important that the realms dont seem scary to the player… the goal is to make it “interestingly disgusting”.

Flesh & Bones


This week we’ve taken the initial steps towards creating the third and final realm. At this stage of the game the corruption has taken over to such a degree, that the level itself resembles the insides of a huge living creature. To achieve this effect basically everything must be taken into zbrush and sculpted into a highpoly mesh that we can later bake into a lowpoly mesh.

To create an entire new tileset means making new versions of every building block we use for level creation and figuring out how they all fit together. In this case this poses new challenges as we move from the cathedral, a human made structure, onto the fleshy insides of the underworld.

Corrupted Environment


This week I sculpted and retoped some of the background pieces for the corrupted enviroment. I also added some texture, with the use of my own smart material I made in substance painter.





This week I’ve continued prototyping with Mark. We have been working towards implementing the interaction design for character movement.

Moving a hero is one of the most important interactions in the game, as this is the interaction that will be performed the most.

We want that experience to be reminiscent of moving a pawn in a physical board game. We want the player to be able to grab the hero, take it up, and have a closer look at it.

By having to grab the heroes with your hands to move them around, we aim to form a closer relationship between the player and the heroes.

At the same time, we want the player to be able to perform these movement interactions fairly quickly, as waiting for characters to move from point A to point B has proven to be a source of frustration. We don’t want to remove the movement animation entirely however, as that has proven to make the heroes feel somewhat static and “dead”.

The compromise we’ve reached is one that we are quite satisfied with so far, and one that we will continue to test and iterate on.

As of now, the player can grab a hero by using the trigger and hold it in the hand. The valid tiles that the hero can move to are highlighted and the player can decide which of them to move to by simply dropping the hero onto the desired position.

Once the hero is placed an animated spirit version of the hero will quickly move from the previous position to the new position. Seeing that animation as a result of having moved the hero, retains the sense of movement of the character.

One significant benefit from this solution is that the player does not have to wait for any movement animations before being able to perform a new action.

The solution allows for a faster pace in the game and should reduce the frustration associated with waiting for movement animations, while still having the characters feel alive.

As testing continues we will get more answers as to how we can improve upon the movement interactions. Ensuring that the movement interactions are easy to use and understand is a high priority.

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We will be back with another devblog on the next Friday.
Have a great weekend!



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