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This week some more weapons were made, this time for the Berserker and the Crusader classes. The weapons for the Berserker and the Scoundrel got colors and details through the textures. Some big gameplay elements have been reevaluated this week to increase the game’s replayability.
The sound team has made some more sound effects for the dungeons to make them come alive.

Shaping the WEAPONS


This week I had the fantastic opportunity to do one of my favorite things. Making weapons! I modeled the shields for the crusader class and the greatswords for the Berserker class. I really like how they turned out!

The shields for the crusader:

The greatswords for the Berserker:


Mark Skovrup:

This week I have been painting a lot of weapon textures.
First off, I painted the textures for the Berserker Greataxes. I also did the textures for the Scoundrel’s Katars.

The Scoundrel’s Katars:

The Berserker’s Greataxes:

Core Loop Overhaul


I have been working on an overhaul of Dreadmire’s core loop with the goal of designing a format that better suits the session length and replay values that we are aiming for.

One of the tough decisions was to change the game’s campaign format from being 30 hour journey, into a format where the game is divided into shorter cycles of “runs” where the player is progressing with every run.

The player starts by picking three heroes for their roster and is then sent on a mission to defeat an evil overlord by traversing through three death realms one dungeon room at a time.
The heroes gather loot, experience and new perks for every room traversed in the realms. If all three heroes are defeated, the player has lost and will have to start over, but for every attempted run there is a possibility of unlocking new hero classes, weapons and perks that
will show up in future runs.

These changes means that Dreadmire will feature shorter game sessions with more potential for high replay value.
We have a range of significant changes to Dreadmire that we are excited to show you as they come along.

Below is a draft of the current core loop:

Introducing the SRAMG!


This week we have worked on the infamous ‘SRAMG’ or ‘Semi-Random Ambient Music Generator’, as we call it. At least, now we do! It’s simply a lot of ‘Scatterer Instruments’ fed with a lot of samples of ambient stingers. With semi-random spawn-times and random spawn-points, this germ will result in lovely and constantly evolving ambient music, playing when heroes are exploring dungeons. The intention is to have different moods for different states and environements in the game.

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