Devblog 20

In the development process we have had our ups and downs this week. Problems that needed to be solved and obstacles that needed to be faced.

This week we made some progress on the 3D modelling, for example the bandit faction got some love this week and they are almost done. Both the models and the concept art for the new weapons have been worked on as well this week. Overall the weapons have been a big focus for our graphics team this week.

Overall this has been a good week for the development of Dreadmire. 

Hero weapons

Frederik Bager:
Concept Artist

This week i have worked on creating more weapon designs. I have made one-hand swords that will be equipped together with a shield, and two-handed swords. The weapons draw inspiration from different themes/people/locations from the game; the shield in the bottom right corner is inspired by the evil demonic cult that exist in the game.

The bandit model

Kristian Grimm:
3D modelling

This week I finished the bandit engineer. Because the engineer will cast bombs, I thought of him scavenging a old crusader helmet to use as protection against bomb explosions. He also wears pouches and a backpack to carry all his bombs. I also started on some swords and shield models, for the crusader hero class.


The weapons and shields:

Painting the bandits

Mark Skovrup:
3D modelling

This week I painted the textures for the latest addition to the bandit faction, which is the engineer. I have also started on the weapon modeling. I made 7 two-handed axe models that can be equipped by the Berserker.

The weapon models:

The colored Bandit:

The Crusader

Emil Leisner:
CG Generalist Intern

This week I worked on the joint setup and skinning of the different armor tiers for the Crusader. This also required me to do some adjustments to the mesh, in order to optimize it for the deformation taking place during posing/animation. I also started modeling on the initial range of one-handed swords, also for the Crusader.


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