Another week, another devblog. As always we have made progress on the game, both when it comes to the visual design, the audio design and the code of the game. We are at the moment in the process of changing some aspects of the game, but like always we are a little closer to making a finished game than we were just a week ago.

This week the Bandit faction has received some additions, where a selection of 3D models have been made and given colors and textures. 

The conceptual design of the weapons is another thing, that has been worked on this week. They need to look cool just like the characters do.

An ADDITION to the bandit faction

Kristian Grimm:
3D artist

This week I continued modelling characters for the Bandit faction. I finished the Bruiser and Ranger. Now i am currently working on the Bandit Engineer. The Engineer is going to work as the “caster class” of the Bandits, but instead of magic he will use bombs to hurt and manipulate the enemy.

Texturing the foes

Mark Skovrup:
3D artist

This week I got to paint the textures for some of the models Kristian made. The first 3 of the characters are from the Bandit faction (A Bruiser, Ranger, and a smaller melee Bandit). The last two are from the Cultist faction. The first one is the Cultist Priest, and the last one is a more basic low tier Cultist.

The Bandits:

The Cultists:

a berserker needs weapons as well

Frederik Bager:
Concept Artist

This week I have been working on weapon designs for the Berserker class. The Berserker can wield dual one-hand axes, two-hand axes and two-hand maces/hammers. Each weapon class will have around 5 tiers, and then an additional “legendary” tier. On the image you can see the progression of the weapons, from left to right. The colored weapons on the image, are the “legendary” or extremely rare weapons. These weapons will have glowing effects and other details to set them apart from the standard weapons.

Stingers and dynamics

Frederik Keglberg and mikkel DUNKERLEY:
sound design

A couple of things has happened, since last time I posted something about audio design. First and foremost I would like you to welcome our new intern on the audio team – Mikkel! Meaning that now we’re a team and not just me. Awesome!
Mikkel will be taking care of e.g. ambient music in the game, SFX and much, much more. For my part, I’ve been working on stingers.  A stinger could be an auditive way to inform the player different things: Is this a secret room, are enemies nearby, traps nearby, loot nearby, good/bad decision and so on. Besides that, Mikkel and I have had a nice talk on how we could add a more dynamic soundscape to Dreadmire. And the plan we’ve got for it is really cool! We might write some about it in a future post. Might … Probably. OK, we definitely will!

Gameplay changes

Jesper Brun Halfter:
Gameplay Designer

We are currently working on changing up the gameplay in a variety of ways. As a result of feedback and testing we have started looking towards altering the way that the game is played. The driving goal behind the process is to improve upon the game experience by
designing the interactions to make better use of the interesting possibilities in VR and what motion controllers offer.

Some of the ideas that we are prototyping at the moment involves changing the playing field in a way where instead of looking down on the hex tiled board, the “board” of hex tiles encircles the player as if you are standing inside a hollow tower, and consists of a number of
floors stacked on top of each other. The player navigates the heroes horizontally but also vertically from floor to floor while delving deeper into the dungeon. This approach opens up for a new opportunities to do interesting things with the environment and how the player interacts with it.

It is too early to share more details at the moment, but we will share more information as we continue development.

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