This week (and last week) we got some new interns working on Dreadmire. They had to be filled in on the process and what the game Dreadmire is about. It is always nice to have some more hands working on the project.

We have made some 3D modelling for a lot of the enemies this week, both the bandits and some we call reapers and stalkers. You can see the images further down.

We have had progress on the icons, that has come a long way. The design of the gameplay is becoming more and more detailed as well.

We are getting closer to the finish line every week, and it is nice to see the game coming alive.

The bandit faction

Kristian Grimm:
3D modelling

This week i started making some models for the bandit faction. I try to make the most variety out of the characters as i can, and some of them are probably going to have different clothes.

Stalkers and reapers

Anders Bruhn Pedersen:
3D Graphical Designer

This week I’ve started to expand the roster of the undead and wasp factions. For the wasps we’ve had a few talks regarding the body type we’d like to see in a larger specimen, without breaking the arachnid feel. In the end I decided to combine the long legs of certain spider species, while leave the central body fairly intact. I’ve also twisted the front legs to resemble primitive arms, used to trap and impale victims. As of now I’m referring to this lovely little guy as a “Stalker”.

Next we have what I’ve dubbed the “Reaper”. A tall (eventually) floating figure, clad in the frayed robes of a priest. The general idea here was to turn the victim of a torture table into a haunting ghost of sorts. As a result, the Reaper has unnaturally long limbs, with long clawed fingers. Oh yea and I added a second pair of arms for the creep factor.

The not so sci-fi

Joachim Brüel Gerber:
Creative Director

A lot of stuff is currently happening in the game, we are at the moment creating icons for the game and trying to come up with the right style for them, its at the moment a bit of a struggle but the icons are really getting good. At the same time, i’m working on changing how the Hex ground UI looks/works, and it is getting a lot easier to read. I’m also at the moment working on a way to make it look more magical and less sci-fi.

Here’s a preview of the icons:

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