This week we have added more details and mechanics to the game.  We have worked on the gameplay involving chest opening and weapon damage, made some animation for the miners, the witch and a type of cultist. Small things that adds up. There was a little problem with the resting stance for the witch, but our 3D graphical designer found a solution for that.
Every week we get a little closer to the finished product, every week the game is getting better and better.

Dungeons and witches

 3D Graphical Designer:
Anders Bruhn Pedersen

This week I’ve been taking a little time off from Haven in order to fix some animations for the witch, that have been bothering me for a while now. Previously I’d only managed to find a satisfying resting stance for her, so I had a look at a more logical ready animation. I decided that she might as well hold it two handed, which also resulted in a far more satisfying transition.

While they’re not done I’m certainly happy with the progress. I’ve also been helping Lasse with a system to ground our dungeon rooms in “floating” islands. Not only does it give a more organic finish to our levels, it also helps to give a darker atmosphere and to emphasise to the idea that the room you’re standing in is infact underground.

Chest Opening

Gameplay Designer:
Jesper Brun Halfter

Your heroes will encounter loads of chests on the trips down into the depths. I have been jamming on how we are going to present the action of opening chests to the player.
When you encounter a chest you will have three different options on how you wish to open the chest. You can use magical force at the cost of mana to break it open, use an expensive lockpick or simply attempt to bash open the chest with the risk of destroying it along with the items inside.
Here’s a couple of sketches on some ideas as to how the “Bash it open!” option could be presented.

traveling miners

CG Generalist Intern:

During my first week at Bolvërk I have modeled a few props for the mines as well as done some minor rigging work. I have also worked on this animation for a hand cart that miners will use to travel around.


The high priest

3D modelling:
Kristian Grimm

This week I started modelling the priest for the cultist faction. The priest is a higher tier than the normal cultist, so I wanted him to look a bit more fancy and rich looking. I was inspired by the pope and added a tall hat and a amulet with the cultist symbol.

Weapon Damage Types

Gameplay Designer:
Jesper Brun Halfter

We have made some changes to how weapons work with damage types.
Weapons can now have more than one native type of damage.
This means that you could have for example a greataxe deal both blunt and pierce damage or a magic staff deal frost and pierce damage.
This decision allows for us to create more distinction and variation between the different weapon types and individual weapons in the game.
The primary effect of this that I find interesting is that you could take your berserker character and decide whether you want to go for dual axes and deal only pierce damage, go for a heavy mace and deal only blunt damage, or go for the middle ground and pick a great axe that deals both blunt and pierce.
You could also go for an enchanted greataxe that deals fire damage natively and use that to make the character way more effective in combat against enemies with low fire resistance.
In other words, the system allows for us to increase the degree to which the player is able to get creative and specialize the capabilities and roles of their heroes and the compositions of their groups.


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