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Explosive Barrels


This weeek I made explosive barrels, which consists of several smaller barrels that are connected to a big one.These will explode if they take damage.

I also textured a lift for the town.



This week I have spent most of my time texturing the cave, for the main menu scene, but i have also worked a bit on the new cultist faction.

The cultist faction are a religious group that has branched off from the most dominant religion in the Dreadmire universe. The cultists have created their own religious group, and work to spread its fanatic views across the land.

Larvae and flowerboxes


This week i made a disgusting larva for the mines. The larva is a fat creature that will suck the life out of the mine workers and control their brains.

I also made some flowerboxes and another window for the town. We needed some contrast in the town, and by adding some flowers, we will be able to give life and contrast to the town.

UI & Water

Lasse Tassing

Improved our mockup city UI a bit: Replaced blue debug boxes with banner highlights, added character sheet info, created basic interaction flow and implemented the two shops.

Added some reflective water rendering to the cave. At first we tried the simple approach with reflection probes, but the lakes are so prominent in the scene, that we really have to do realtime reflections. This is very expensive in VR, since the entire scene needs to be re-rendered per lake, per eye. Fortunately the player position is relatively static (within the play area), so it is actually possible to create pre-processed geometry for the reflections with only the potentially visible triangles added. This cut down the rendercost to an acceptable level which is great, because the reflection really adds a lot to the overall look of the water.

More Work On The Damage Model

Jesper Halfter

I have been working some more on how the damage model works. Since we’ve added the character sheet to the interface and work has started on hooking things up properly, we needed to take another pass on how the damage of an attack is calculated.

Here is a run through of how it works at the moment:

  • Find the damage range:

The weapon’s damage range is found by making the following calculations:

The minimum damage is found by taking the weapon base damage and subtracting the damage range percentage.

The maximum damage is found by taking the weapon base damage and adding the damage range percentage.

The damage range is then the range of the minimum damage to the maximum damage.

Damage range percentage = 20%
Minimum damage: 0.8 * 20 = 16
Maximum damage: 1.2 * 20 = 24
Damage range: 16 to 24

  •  Add physical damage bonus:

Blunt or Pierce damage bonuses on the character is then added to the damage range, depending on the type of damage the weapon deals:

Weapon damage type: Blunt
Character’s Blunt damage bonus: 8
Minimum damage: 16 + 8 = 24
Maximum damage: 24 + 8 = 32
Damage range = 24 to 32

  • Find the critical hit damage value:

The critical hit damage value is equal to the critical damage percentage of the maximum damage of the damage range.

Maximum damage: 32
Critical hit damage modifier: 1.25
Critical hit damage: 1.25 * 32 = 40

  • Roll whether or not the attack is a critical hit:

This roll is based on the critical hit percentage of the character.

If it turns out to be a critical hit, the damage becomes equal to the critical hit damage calculated in the previous step.

If it turns out not to be a critical hit, the damage is then rolled from the damage range.

  • Base damage output found:

The base damage output is at this already found.

If there are no elemental damage bonuses, the damage found is the damage the attack will deal.

If there are elemental damage bonuses, these will be dealt as well (next step).

  • Apply elemental damage bonuses:

The elemental damage bonuses are defined as percentages rather than values are calculated by taking the elemental damage percentage of the damage and dealing them separately.

Damage: 30
Fire damage = 10%
Frost damage = 20%
Arcane damage = 13%

Deal Fire damage: 10% of 30 = 3 Fire damage
Deal Frost damage: 20% of 30 = 6 Frost damage
Deal Arcane damage 13% of 30 = 4 Arcane damage

Assuming the target has no protection at all, it would take a total of 43 Damage.

Interface work

Jesper Halfter

I continued work on the interface this week and have worked towards a cleaner layout for the shops.

You can take a look at a test layout setup below:

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