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This week i have worked on creating different tileable handpainted textures. These are used to texturize the cave around the main city / menu of the game. The screenshot shows 4 of the tileable textures, and a screenshot of a small part of the cave, that is being texturized.

The cave is huge, and will consist of a lot of different textures to break up the large surfaces.

Volumetric Lighting

Lasse Tassing

The city/cave scene is basically lit by a giant hole in the ground. To emphasise the light flooding down onto the city, I had a vague idea that we would need some lightshafts. Being a VR game, I also knew that just placing some alpha blended planes would probably look a bit lacklustre. Therefore I started looking into volumetric fog and/or volumetric lighting.

Unreal engine recently got support for compute shader-based volumetrics, but we’re not using Unreal, so I had to roll my own solution. Because all the lights are static in the scene, it was actually possible to further improve on the algorithm and make the whole thing run in under 0.4 ms on the GPU. The result is rather nice, since it really adds depth and atmosphere to the whole scene.



Undead Soldier


It’s been a short week and most of it I’ve spent trying to unwrap our cave without actually being able to manually adjust the UVs due to high poly nature of the mesh. That isn’t exactly the most interesting thing to show off, so I thought I’d mistreat our soldier a little bit.

Basically I’m trying to work my way to what will eventually become our standard undead soldier. At the moment I’ve gone with a strictly skeletal appearance but I’m considering adding bits of dried skin.



This week I modelled a miner and a infected miner. The mines in dreadmire is a dangerous place, where spores drift in the air and can turn miners into hosts for the spores.

The spores will evolve inside the miners body and a larva will grow out of them. When the larva are done feeding on the host, they will turn into spider wasps, another creepy creature in the mines.

Hero management UI VERSION 7


I have continued work on the interface design. We’ve gone through a lot of iterations already and we are slowly but surely closing in on some good setups.

Here are a few renders of some of the layout sketches from this week’s iterations:

Happy new year!

From all of us at the team, we wish you a happy new year and hope you will continue to follow our progress as we head into 2018 and put our efforts into making Dreadmire the best game it can be!

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