Devblog 11

Magic Shrines, quirks and more

Lasse Tassing

First version of shrines has been implemented. Right now it’s visually just a crate, but magic things will happen, if you worship it. The first few character quirks has been implemented. Quirks really defines each character in the game and helps to set them apart. A vertex painter and automatic mesh optimizer was created for our new cave scene, enabling the artist team to paint the cave with a large set of textures. Internally the scene structure was changed so that we can load additional resources as needed, when entering a dungeon. Finally a lot of minor bugs where squashed to make the playthroughs quite a bit smoother.

Boss Music Making

Frederik Keglberg

Long time, no see, eh? I’ve been busy making music for our boss battles, and even though I haven’t found the right approach for it yet, a lot of music has been composed and I’m getting closer to the right solution. I want it to be epic and awesome, so my first thought was to make it orchestral, since it usually works very well. So my first few attempts was purely symphonic, but I felt that it wasn’t really fitting, since it didn’t seem dark enough, compared to all the other tracks in the levels. You can listen to a snippet below. So now I’m trying something else, and I’ll see where it takes me. I’ll keep you posted on that, in the near future.


Kristian Grimm

This week I completed the rig for the inquisitor and starter modelling some diffrent models for the town. I modelled doors, windows, a lift, chimneys and lanterns. The idea behind it, is to create separate pieces that we can use, to build the town of Dreadmire. I also modelled a roof in high and low resolution. I then baked textures from the highresolution mesh, down to a lower resolution mesh. We will use the high resolution roofs In the front and the low resolution meshes in the background.



This week I finished modeling the armor tiers for the Crusader. I am currently doing the last skinning on them, which makes it possible to give them some animations later. Next up is texturing them.



This week I’ve been working on building the final city. There’s a lot of area to cover so I made most of the building modular and then made unique modifications here and there. In the end I want Haven to feel like a well off medieval city that’s had to adapt to it’s rather unique location.

Interface Work

Jesper Halfter

This week I have been giving some attention to the game’s interface in various areas, particularly in regards to the shop interface and the dungeon preview windows when interacting with map of Dreadmire.

Below are some mock-ups. Don’t mind the text and graphical look, it is all temporary placeholder work and only for the sake of testing ideas.

The plan is to create all of the interface elements in 3D once we have settled on a solid design for the ways players can navigate and interact with the systems.


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