Devblog 9

It’s a trap!

Lasse Tassing

It may not look like much, but this week exploding barrels were implemented. It behaves like an enemy in many ways (it can take damage, be teleported and such) but obviously it is a dead object and cannot be a target for psychic effects. This meant quite a lot of changes in the internal game mechanics, but now it works as intended. Environmental traps (hazards) were also implemented. Although it’s only spikes in the floor right now, it actually makes for some pretty interesting effects (you can push enemies onto spikes with various skills).


Textures for the wasps

Frederik Bager

I have worked on the texture for our “Spiderwasp”. The Spiderwasps come from larva, that will imbed itself into a living host, and from there; evolve to a spiderwasp. The Spiderwasps live in the mines of dreadmire. They have been disturped by the presence of men and other factions, trying to mine for resources. The Spiderwasps are a faction that will be aggressive towards all other factions in the world, including all other enemies.


inquisitor armors and food

Kristian Grimm

This week I completed the last armor tiers for the inquisitor class and started to make a rig for him. To take advantage of the fact that several of the tier re-use mesh pieces, I stacked the matching UV isles on top of each other to best utilize the UV space. I also made some food and kitchen props for the dungeons. This might seem like a small thing but it is very important as the dungeons will look empty without these props. Mercenaries gotta eat too!

main city update

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

This week I’ve continued to work on the layout of our cave city. In order to make sure the town works as an menu, I’ve made it so that there are room for the four shops in the main square facing the player. This ensures that you don’t have to move your head around to access the different sub menus. I’ve also started to include more vertical elements in the cave, primarily huge stalagmites and stalactites.


scoundrel and Crusader armors


This week I finished up the textures for the Scoundrel armor tiers. I also started modeling the armor tiers for the Crusader. I probably need to model some hair for him too. I think he would like that. The Crusader is heavily armored, and will not go down easily.

Weapon Damage Model


I have been reworking the damage model for weapons in Dreadmire.
You can find more details in the design doc below:

Basic Overview


I put together a revised version of the basic game overview. It outlines the basic flow of going back and forth between the town and the dungeons.

Classes & Weapon Types


I want to show the most recent draft of the weapon types in the game. Weapon types are character specific and come in five tiers of power and quality.

Hero Classes


Although there is little new on this subject, I thought I’d share the most recent page on the hero classes in Dreadmire.

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