Devblog 8

map and spells

Lasse Tassing

Made a map view, making it a lot easier to navigate the dungeons during play test. Implemented the first twenty hero skills, giving all classes four unique skills. This is obviously just the beginning, but this already make the game a lot more fun to play. This week also included some special effects: A custom lightning strike effect, that will create dynamic, random lightning and still hit the target character visually accurate. This was followed by a blink effect that simulates a blur of moves along multiple tiles. Lastly trails were added to several of the weapons.


Drastic main city changes!

Frederik Bager

This week we have made a drastic change to the main town, and setting of the game. The town is now placed in an underground cave. The land on top has become uninhabitable, and the last safe place in the world, is the underground town. The town is connected, via tunnels, to underground caves and dungeons. This new theme makes it possible for us, to make a more detailed and contained world for the player to experience.


inquisitor Modelling

Kristian Grimm

This week i continued modelling the armor tiers for the inquisitor. Its important for us, that you can see the inquisitor’s armor progress, but we didn’t want to overdo it for him. We want him to have a lightweight armor look as he uses magic, so Instead of adding heavy metal for the inquisitor class we added leather and gold as hes main theme.


NEw main city

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

This week we’ve gone through several new ideas for the main city of the game. In the end ended up agreeing on taking our game underground, which means the city of Haven is now spread throughout one central cave. To help visualize this I made a quick take on how such a cave could look as well as starting to work on the layout of the final version.

Here’s a light-bake test of the first draft setup of the new town.

Scoundrel armor textures


For this week, I finished the 3d models for the Scoundrel armor tiers, and recently started applying some colors on them. The textures are not done yet, but it is getting close now, and I am very excited to see her in the game with her armor for some dungeon action!

Babarian Armors

Frederik Bager

This week i have made the textures for the 5 Berserker armor tiers. The Berserker is inspired by vikings and norse mythology; his armor becomes more and more ornate with runes, dragons and bone. Throughout the armor tiers, the Berserker keeps his blue striped pants to assure that he is always recognizable.


Ui Sketching

Joachim Brüel Gerber

I have been sketching on the general UI design of Dreadmire
at this point the UI’s main inspiration is focused on old Gothic ornaments and RPG games. The design isn’t finished yet, but its going in the right direction. the Ui will later be created in 3D and implemented into Unity. at this moment I’ve sketched a small part of the skill interface.


Stamina System


I have been working on the introduction of a stamina system that ties into the action point system. The basic gist of the system is that heroes have a stamina level that determines the amount of action points available every turn. The stamina level drops slightly whenever actions are performed, resulting in heroes becoming “exhausted” and having less action points available the longer they fight without recovering stamina by resting in town.

You can take a closer look at the current draft for the system below:




We have significantly boiled down the number of different facilities in town. As we started fleshing out these facilities, we realized that some of them could be merged and others discarded. We want to hit a balance where there are different interesting shops/facilities to visit and use without having so many that the player’s in-town sessions become tedious or confusing.

As it stands, we currently have four different facilities. You can take a closer look at them on the outlining doc below:




Some time ago I started working on a dungeon feature called “shrines”. The idea of shrines is that the player is offered a direct risk/reward choice when interacting with magic shrines inside the dungeons.

More details in the design doc below:




I have been working a quirks system. The purpose of the system is to add an extra layer of uniqueness to heroes.

A quirk consists of a passive positive effect and a passive negative effect. Heroes will gain a new quirk when they hit level 10 and once again when reaching level 20.

The system is not entirely fleshed out yet, but you can have a look at some of the suggestions for quirks below:

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