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Lighting and code magic

Lasse Tassing

A lot of infrastructure work going on right now. Refactored the AI system (enemies now have a Brain property). Added character class template system and made a character generator so we can fill the tavern with new victims .. eh.. party members. Visually a line light prototype was tested (for effect lights) and specular highlights were added, which really made blood and characters react much better to the level lighting.


unleash The Cultists

Frederik Bager

I have worked on the initial concepts for our end-game faction; The Cultists. The Cultists are religious people that turned to their own form of science. They use magic and alchemy to enhance themselves, and become frankenstein-ish monsters. These concepts are still very early in the process, and will most likely change a lot before entering the game.


Berserker and inquisitor

Kristian Grimm


This week i modelled the last armor tier for the berserker class and made a rig for him. The last armor tier really stands out and give him a distinct look compared to his other armor tiers and also the other heroes. When i made the rig for the berserker i made some diffrent poses, to check if the geometry would move correctly with his skeleton. I also started modelling armor tiers for another character class – The inquisitor. The inquisitor wields sacred powers of healing and agony and uses light armor such as clothing.


A new dungeon type

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

This week I’ve been taking the initial steps towards adding another dungeon type to the game. The old mines of dreadmire are home to giant insects and the deathbed of many unfortunate miners who did not manage to evacuate before a horrible infestation took hold. When adding a new dungeon type, the most import piece is the type of wall pieces to use. Because of this, I started with figuring out how we can capture a more natual and cave-like feel within the limits of a hexgrid aswell as our established room generation system. Having tried a few different ideas, I ended up letting the base walls come out further as they approach the floor, which really gives a completely different look from the more rigid castle walls of our regular dungeons. Keep in mind this is merely the first step, and we’ll be giving the mines their own ascent and descent tiles, aswell as adding specially themed props.


Scoundrel armors


This week I finished up the Armor tiers for the Witch, and started modeling the armor tiers for the Scoundrel. She is not heavily armored, but more of an agile character, who prefers to stay hidden in the shadows.


Negative Effects


I have been tinkering with the list of negative effect types in the game. Previously some of the negative effects had little use, were too similar or worked in ways that were difficult to explain to the player.

The goal this time around has been to streamline the list by removing or changing those that didn’t work, as well as adding a couple of new ones.

You can take a look at the current list of negative effects here:

Damage & Resistance Types


I have been reworking how damage and resistance types work in the game. Instead of having “Melee” and “Ranged” types, we have now got “Blunt” and “Piercing” types.
The “Holy” and “Shadow” types have also been replaced by the “Arcane” type. On top of that, a “Lightning” type has been added. Each type now has a distinct negative effect associated with it as well.

Find the reworked damage & resistance types below:




We have been talking a lot about traps and chests lately and came up with a system for chests that introduces player choice and risk to looting chests in the game.

Chests are locked by default and the player has three different options to open them with different costs and chances associated with them.

Trapped chests will explode and have a negative impact on your heroes if you are unlucky. If the chest is not trapped, the lock will simply break and you will be unable to get your hands on the contents inside. So make your choice of opening method carefully!

You can take a look at a rough visualization of the system below:




Another thing that we have been talking about this week has been environmental dangers. We want the rooms of the dungeons to grant the player more options as to how they want to proceed in and out of combat.

The hot topic has been the introduction of environmental dangers that can pose a threat to both the player’s heroes and the enemies.

The first kind of these that we are introducing are explosive barrels with various effects. These barrels are explode when they take damage, and their impact can be devastating.

You can take a look at a rough outline of which types of barrels we want to try out below:

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