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Concept book

Frederik Bager

I have worked on a concept book for the game. The book will be filled with concept art and explanations of game design. The book is made from a cheap sketchbook, some fake leather and 3d-printed corners. I have worn the leather to make it look old an used, as well as painted the corners gold and applied some wash to make it look dirty.

shaman concept

Frederik bager

I have worked on a new enemy type for the pigmen faction; the Shaman. The shaman is a ranged spellcaster that will wield damage spells and support spells, to help out his fellow pigmen. He is dressed in a lot of bones, and skulls from different animals and humans. The pigmen are omnivores, and will kill and eat pigmen from rivaling factions.

Shaman model

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

This week I’ve started working on shaman variant of the pigmen. We really wanted to make the tribalistic themes of the savage swine folk noticable on this guy, so, as seen on the concept, we’ve included lots of feathers and bones. Although the shaman’s stature is actually smaller than a regular pig man, he compensates with his large skull hat.

Hunter model

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

I also started to implement the pig man hunter. Following the tribal themes of the shaman, I decided to block out a feathered mask for him. This means that the hunters, despite having a similar built to the warrior, will appear somewhat different when seen from above.

We’ve also started to think about how to make the dungeons in which we face these snouted fiends feel like a fitting dwelling. To pull this off we’re considering including props themed to each faction in the proplists we use during level creation. This’ll allow the system theme each dungeon according to it’s inhabitants


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