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Morale and attack of oppotunity

Lasse Tassing

This week several gameplay elements were implemented. First off the morale system, where player characters can gain or loose morale based on game events. The morale of a character affects the damage roll when attacking. Lower morale will lead to a lesser chance of getting a high damage roll (it will never be impossible, though).

Then follows the attack of opportunity (or zone of control) mechanic, where all characters will get a free attack of opportunity if an opponent that is in their zone of control moves out of it. This caused a bit of changes and refactoring to the pathfinding and game state components, but so far it seems to add a lot to the gameplay.

The first sound triggers were added to the game, bringing more life into the audio side of the experience, including footsteps and weapon sounds. Finally the trap detection and trigger systems were finalized and the off-hand quick menu was changed to work more like the other menus.

Witch gear textures

Mark Skovrup

I recently finished modeling the Gear tiers for the Witch. This week, I have been focusing on painting some textures for them. I am now pretty close to being done with them, and they are coming along nicely.


Inquisitor armor tiers

Frederik bager

I have worked on the armor tiers for the Inquisitor hero class. The Inquisitor is inspired by monks, spanish inquisitors and a bit of Van Helsing. He is blind, and only guided by his faith. In the later tiers, his armor becomes increasingly ornate and packed with religious symbols. The Inquisitor will have the option of wielding either a scepter and tome, or a one-handed crossbow and tome.


Anders Bruhn Pedersen


I’ve been looking into how we tackle the town of Haven. Haven’s a vertical city built into and around an ancient tower, therefore the amount of surface area to detail is rather large. To make this project more manageable, I’ve split each level of the tower, and its surrounding platforms, into sections of 12. This allows to not only assemble the town and tower out of smaller parts, and therefore making it more flexible approach in case we want to add additional stores and levels. Furthermore it makes the task of texturing the surface of the tower itself easier without using huge texture files.


Beserker armor tiers

Kristian Grimm

This week I continued working on armor tiers for the berserker class. We want the berserker to look stronger and more intimidating for every tier so I modelled heavier armor for every tier. This time I gave him a Metal helmet, Metal pauldrons and metal plates for the legs. I always have the concept art right in front of me when I make the models just to make sure the berserker will look as strong as intended.


Dungeon Editor Preview

Jesper Halfter

This is a preview of the dungeon editor that we use to create the rooms that make up a dungeon. The editor allows us to quickly put together rooms with walls, floors, enemies, traps, loot, exits and entrances. The way that the editor works gives us a lot of control over the level of randomization from dungeon to dungeon. We can quickly dungeons can have a high level of randomization but also carefully hand craft an entire dungeon if needed. Below are some images of how the preview of the editor looks.

Morale System

Jesper Halfter

I wanted to share some of the ideas behind the morale system of the game. Each of your hero characters have a morale level ranging from 0% to 100%. The percentage of morale impacts your chances of dealing full damage. For each every bad thing that happens to a hero or the group, the morale will drop. For every good thing that happens, the morale will be raised. You’ll find the current outline on the design of the system below

Dynamic Campaign

Jesper Halfter

We have had some discussion about the campaign this week and it lead to us trying to come up with a format that is less linear and instead allows for the player to have a larger degree of control over the direction of progress in the game. The idea is still in its infancy and may change (as with all things post here), but we will keep exploring the potential of this approach. The main goal is to strengthen the feeling of agency in the player by giving them more control while still progressing through an interesting storyline. You’ll find the current design outline below. It should give a rough idea about what we have in mind.

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