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Frederik Bager

I made a new concept for the home town in the game. The town will allow the player to sell and buy items, receive quests, chose your party members and travel to dungeons. In this new concept, the town is build around a large tower. The different shops and interactable buildings will have a floor each, that will evolve and expand as you progress in the game.

One Heavy Pigman

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

This week I started on the 3d model of the heavy pig man. As part of the modelling process I always take into account which features from the concept need adjusting to better read in 3d aswell as make sure enemies within the same faction maintain similar themes. In this case I’ve flattened out the head area and made the shoulders more functional. I’ve also moved the eyes to the sides of the head.

Death and decay

Mark Skovrup

This week, I made some poses for the dead male peasants. These bodies can sometimes be found in the dungeons. Some areas in the dungeons are old and filled with broken and rotten things. We currently have a tub and crate, which we needed some damaged versions of. These will add some more variety in damaged environments.

three mercenaries

Kristian Grimm

This week i worked on some character models, for the enemy faction we call The Mercenaries, The Wizard, Spearman and Crossbowman. The mercenaries are ruthless, cold hearted and they dont hesitate to kill your heroes, for your hard earned loot. I modelled the characters from Frederiks Bager’s concept art, and used arabian inspired pictures as reference.


Berserker armor

Frederik Bager

I have made concepts for the different armor tiers for the berserker class. The armors must seem unique and still have recognizable parts, to allow the player to easily seperate the different classes visually.

Four States Of Intensity

Frederik Keglberg

I have composed two more themes for the enemies. Beemen and skeletons now have tunes to dance to. Or kill to. Depends on their moods. Anyway, when the different pieces of the themes are made, I put it in FMOD, and have different game parameters to control i.e. the intensity of the tracks.
There are four different states for each theme. First, what I call an intro sequence – a drone-ish atmosphere. Then when the intensity increases, the next state begins. The music becomes more harmonic, and from state to state, more rhythmical. I’ve added a video, for you to enjoy, showing how it all works, behind the scenes.

Town Facilities & Equipment Orders

Jesper Halfter

These are the current outlines for the different facilities you’ll be able to make use of inside Haven, and a preview of the Equipment Orders system


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