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Ai spotting and UI overhaul

Lasse Tassing

This week the AI spotting was changed to have two zone: An instant spot zone, where you get immediately spotted upon entering and a spot zone where you only get spotted, if you end your turn there. This required some major changes in the AI code, because enemies now react out of turn.


The game UI also got an overhaul, adding new path graphics and created a see-through effect that works in VR. The skill menu was teleported from hanging above the character to being spring-attached to the off-hand controller. Right now this feels more intuitive and more clean, but in the coming week we will explore the off-hand UI more.



New enemy concepts

Frederik Bager

This week I have worked on a new enemy concept; a heavy unit for our “pigmen” faction. The pigmen are a mix between different sorts of pigs/warthogs, and humans. This guy is inspired by the pigs you see in slaughterhouses – with the pink skin and light hair. I aimed to make him look very disgusting and vile. He will be big and slow, and pack quite a punch. Despite a lack of armor, his many layers of fat will make him very resilient.


Cobwebs added

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

This week I started adding cobwebs to some of our assets so that our dungeons appear even older as the age value increases. This, along with our other dynamic generation systems, lets us give each one room several different looks, depending on their age, carnage and wreckage levels.


Claypots, Peasants and Shelves

Mark Skovrup

Recently, I have been texturing different versions of male and female peasants (Dead and alive). I am currently creating grayscale textures for their clothing, which makes us able to generate various colors for them. I also made some clay pots for more item variety in the dungeon. Lastly, we had a shelf, that needed some texture work.


Peasants Dead and Alive

Kristian Grimm

This week i have worked on the models for our male and female peasants. The goal is to give some life to the town of Dreadmire and some deaths to the dungeons. Depending on the carnage in the dreadmire dungeons, there is a possibility to have dead peasant spawning.


Music and other noises

Frederik Keglberg

A lot of SFX and music has been made, and are soon ready to be implemented in the game. I’ve composed two tracks for the levels and it’s made so each enemy-type have a theme (Pig-men and Mercenaries, so far). Besides that, three pieces of town music is done. I’ve made three, to get rid of repetition. Footsteps is done for all five hero-classes and some spells and attacks too. Also, some ambisonics has been made, they really sound wicked!

If you can’t wait to ‘hear the game’, you can listen to some snippets here:


Berserker Skills Sneak Peak

Jesper Halfter

Here’s a sneak peak for the current version of the Berserker class’ skills. The player has the opportunity to spend extra skill points to alter the skills in one of two directions.

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