Dreadmire & Our Vision

Our vision with Dreadmire is to create an experience on virtual reality platforms that provides the depth and replayability of hardcore games on the PC market.

We think that there is a solid demand for games that are more than just gimmick experiences teasing what the VR platforms are capable of. We want to go all the way and create a spectacular experience with a captivating universe that the player can sink themselves into and have fun with for countless hours.

Our proposal is a turn-based tactics RPG set in a dark and moody fantasy universe. We want to create the embodiment of a dungeon crawler in VR where the player takes control of a group of adventurers and delves into the tainted dungeons of Dreadmire in a quest to rid the land from a growing darkness.

Many players of hardcore games on PC will be undoubtedly be familiar with the genre and the games’ systems. Providing many hours of entertainment will be expected of us, and that is a promise we wish to fulfill. We have looked towards games and series such as XCOM, Diablo and Darkest Dungeon for inspiration, as we think these provide the kinds of experiences that VR platforms have yet to offer and explore.

It is an opportunity for us to create a great experience and bridge the gap between players of hardcore PC games and the VR platforms.The result will be a game that sets itself apart from the crowd and yet remains familiar to the target audience.

On this site we will continue to share our progress, thoughts and ideas as the game comes along.
We hope that you will stay tuned and join us in this journey while we work to make Dreadmire the best game it can be!

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