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Welcome to Dreadmire

We are Bölverk games and we are developing a game called Dreadmire for VR platforms.

Dreadmire is a turn-based dungeon crawler set in a ruthless world of despair.
Lead your heroes into the darkness, where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.

Take control of a group of heroes and battle through dungeons while managing items, skills and the your roster of heroes. As the heroes gain more experience and the player moves along the story of the game, new posibilities arise that reward skillfull decision making.

Dreadmire has a focus on using skills in combat as a tactician, utilizing positioning of heroes, attack combinations and resource management. There are five different classes to choose from, each of which can be customized through skills and items.

When the players are not raiding dungeons they find themselves in the town where they can sell and purchase items, upgrade town facilities, and manage their active roster of heroes. Paying attention to your every move is vital inside the dungeons of Dreadmire, as the death of a hero is permanent.

Combat takes place on a hexagonal grid on which heroes and enemies move. While quest dungeons are mostly hand crafted, there are opportunities to visit countless procedurally generated dungeons outside of the main storyline of the game.

The ultimate goal in Dreadmire is to defeat an evil cultist faction that has set loose evil across the land, wrecking havoc and devastation upon countless innocent lives.

The visuals of Dreadmire are set in a dark gothic fantasy universe. Technologically, Dreadmire seeks to stand on the forefront of what is possible on the virtual reality platform, utilizing state of the art rendering techniques.

Dreadmire draws inspiration from titles such as XCOM, Darkest Dungeon and Diablo.

About us

We are a team of ten game developers based in Copenhagen. We are Bölverk games and we primarily make games for virtual reality platforms.

Anders Bruhn Pedersen

I am the 3D Lead. Aside from general 3D work, I am responsible for the consistency of our 3D assets and that they follow the art direction of the game. I also make sure that each asset fits into our pipeline so that they appear correctly in-game.

Bo Bennekov

CEO and Co-founder. I deal with most things NOT directly related to the game, like paying people a salary (they like that), publishing contracts, marketing, hiring, business development and purchasing equipment to make coffee. When I am not doing that, I generally just make vague comments that delay entire game productions like: “Wouldn’t it be great if it was more brown” and “I don’t really understand this control scheme. Please make up a new one from scratch” and “I wan’t to get closer to the models”.

Frederik Bager

I am the 2D artist on the team. My work involves a lot of different tasks. My general purpose is to visualize the ideas of the team. I create concept art, marketing material, textures, icons and much more.

Frederik Keglberg

I am the sound designer on the team, and my task is to make the music and SFX of Dreadmire. For the sound design, I aim to make use of the best tools for virtual reality audio, I can get my hands on. Of course spatial audio is a must in VR, but the introduction of ambisonics in Unity 2017 is another great step for making good and more realistic sounding ambiences in games. Combined with spatial sound effects and sinister classical-inspired music, the sound design of Dreadmire will not only be immersive, but also really compliment the dark visual design. Magical spells, mythical creatures and mighty sword fights is every sound designers dream to work with, and the battles in the dungeons of Dreadmire, the epic adventures and brave heroes needs it’s immersive audio to be spot on.

Jesper Brun Halfter

I am the Game Designer on the production of Dreadmire. It is my responsibility to ensure that all of the game’s systems work together in harmony and that they are capable of facilitating the experiences that we aim for. A lot of the work involves testing, iterating and taking part in discussions on the direction of the game and its design. I like organizing stuff. Confusions and misunderstandings are my sworn enemies.

Joachim Brüel Gerber

I am the Creative Director and my role is to make sure that there is consistency in the game and its art. I focus on ensuring that the art is top notch and fulfills the goal of our art direction and fits within the scope of the game. It is important to me that we share input and ideas for the game’s art within the team and it is my responsibility to make sure it follows the direction of the game.

Kristian Grimm

I am a CG artist and I use Maya LT for 3D modelling, animations and rigging, Substance Painter for some texture work and a bit of Photoshop and Unity. I am the newcomer to the Bölverk team as i was an intern not long ago, working on our last game title Dick Wilde. Dreadmire is my first professional job and I am looking forward to see how the visuals of the game will benefit from our hard work.

Lasse Tassing

I am the lead developer, also known as the code magician. I’m basically implementing everything from AI to custom lighting solutions and shaders. I basically try to make the dreams of the game designer and artists come true, while trying to maintain a good architecture, 90 fps and keep Unity from crashing. Hopefully I will able to write up some posts about how we are runtime generating room geometry, GI lighting it and have more than 30 concurrent realtime shadowed lights in forward rendering mode in Unity.

Mark Olsen

I’m an all around developer, but i’m usually tasked with designing/implementing back-end infrastructure, networking and databases. My role is simple, make it work.

Mark Skovrup

I am the apprentice 3D artist. My job consists of creating some of the assets you will see in the game. From modeling 3D objects, painting them, to setting them up ready for use in the engine.

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