Dreadmire is a VR dungeon crawler with a focus on turn-based combat.

This is our development blog where you will find the newest updates on the development of Dreadmire.

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We have opened up our community server to the world! This week we changed our discord channel and relaunched it as our Bolverk Games Community server. If you want to discuss our games, talk about VR, get the latest news and help us make better games, we would love to have you join our server! We aim to share Dreadmire prototypes on a weekly basis and we are actively looking for feedback from you! We
prototype build We have released a prototype build which you can download right now and play! It is an early build aimed at testing character movement mechanics and interactions. As a result, a lot of mechanics, information, features, feedback and polish is missing in this prototype build. Head over to our Discord community to download the build: https://discord.gg/UpRAn72 We appreciate your feedback! Link to full resolution of this A4 poster: http://www.playdreadmire.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/DreadmireA4FrontPage.jpg Rewards and a demon-guy!
MARK SKOVRUP: 3D MODELLING This week I have been making a Crystal and Corruption orb. These can be collected by the player, and grants power to a chosen hero. I also made a portal for the heroes to travel through. KRISTIAN GRIMM: 3D MODELLING This week I made a roof and a pillar, made out of bone and meat,. There is alot of work going into these enviroment models, because we dont want the enviroment
The warm weather has arrived to Copenhagen and we are back with our weekly devblog. Things are moving forward at a rapid pace and we are excited to share some of the progress with you. HERETIC WEAPONS MARK SKOVRUP: 3D MODELLING This week I have been busy modeling some weapons for the Heretic, to stab his enemies with. He uses daggers. I also got to paint some textures for them. The Three Realms of Dreadmire
Another week has passed and more progress has been made on Dreadmire. More and more aspects of the game are coming together, it is looking more like a game every day. So as always progress has been made on all the different parts of the game. A new thing that we made this week was a teaser, that we are going to show you when it is done.  Gameplay Prototyping JESPER BRUN HALFTER: GAME DESIGNER
We’re Back From GDC! Attending GDC in San Francisco and touring around northern California with the team was a fantastic journey. We have made new friends, learned a whole lot and gotten a ton of inspiration to make Dreadmire the best game it can be. We are back to full speed on Dreadmire and we have a ton of new things to share with you in the weeks to come. http://www.playdreadmire.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/video-Devblog24.mp4 join our discord channel
This week has mostly been spent on preparing for GDC, but we still got some work done on the game. Our 3D artists have made models for weapons, loot, characters and the god of death, who will be a character in the game, but we will reveal more later on. Our concept artist have also made some art for the game yet again. The God of death ANDERS BRUHN PEDERSEN: 3D GRAPHICAL DESIGNER I’ve been
This week we have started the preparation for GDC and the trip to San Francisco. But that does not mean that we have not made progress on the game. As always we have made some more weapons, but also some loot items this week. But we have also made the concept art for a new character, we are happy to show you. A new character FREDERIK BAGER: CONCEPT ARTIST This week i have worked on
This week some more weapons were made, this time for the Berserker and the Crusader classes. The weapons for the Berserker and the Scoundrel got colors and details through the textures. Some big gameplay elements have been reevaluated this week to increase the game’s replayability. The sound team has made some more sound effects for the dungeons to make them come alive. Shaping the WEAPONS KRISTIAN GRIMM: 3D MODELLING This week I had the fantastic
In the development process we have had our ups and downs this week. Problems that needed to be solved and obstacles that needed to be faced. This week we made some progress on the 3D modelling, for example the bandit faction got some love this week and they are almost done. Both the models and the concept art for the new weapons have been worked on as well this week. Overall the weapons have been
Another week, another devblog. As always we have made progress on the game, both when it comes to the visual design, the audio design and the code of the game. We are at the moment in the process of changing some aspects of the game, but like always we are a little closer to making a finished game than we were just a week ago. This week the Bandit faction has received some additions, where
This week (and last week) we got some new interns working on Dreadmire. They had to be filled in on the process and what the game Dreadmire is about. It is always nice to have some more hands working on the project. We have made some 3D modelling for a lot of the enemies this week, both the bandits and some we call reapers and stalkers. You can see the images further down. We have
This week we have added more details and mechanics to the game.  We have worked on the gameplay involving chest opening and weapon damage, made some animation for the miners, the witch and a type of cultist. Small things that adds up. There was a little problem with the resting stance for the witch, but our 3D graphical designer found a solution for that. Every week we get a little closer to the finished product,
This week we have been working on a variety of things. For example we worked on the town Haven and have added some features. Furthermore, we have worked on the levels and added details to them, including blood splatting on characters. The attacks of the Witch and Scoundrel got sound effects this week to. Which we are looking forward to see,  or rather “hear” in action. Speaking of combat, we have looked at how the damage information
Inquisitor Texture Frederik Bager This week i have mostly been texturing 3D assets. The main focus have been on the Inquisitor character, which is one of the playable classes in the game. The Inquisitor is inspired by monks, at least in the early armor tiers. As the Inquisitor progresses, he will become more battle hardened, and shift from the classic monk look to a Van Helsing/plague doctor inspired look. LADDERS AND HATCHES KRISTIAN GRIMM This time
Explosive Barrels MARK SKOVRUP This weeek I made explosive barrels, which consists of several smaller barrels that are connected to a big one.These will explode if they take damage. I also textured a lift for the town. Cultists FREDERIK BAGER This week I have spent most of my time texturing the cave, for the main menu scene, but i have also worked a bit on the new cultist faction. The cultist faction are a religious
CAVE TEXTURES FREDERIK BAGER This week i have worked on creating different tileable handpainted textures. These are used to texturize the cave around the main city / menu of the game. The screenshot shows 4 of the tileable textures, and a screenshot of a small part of the cave, that is being texturized. The cave is huge, and will consist of a lot of different textures to break up the large surfaces. Volumetric Lighting Lasse
THE GORE SWINE ANDERS BRUUN Instead of updating the blog with a consistant feed my progression with the city, I took a little time to do some animations for one of our pigmen. Personally I like to call this guy the “Gore Swine” and he’s probably the toughest regular enemy within the pigman roster. Sadly I can’t take the time I’d like to really polish these animations, but I tried find a middle ground between
Magic Shrines, quirks and more Lasse Tassing First version of shrines has been implemented. Right now it’s visually just a crate, but magic things will happen, if you worship it. The first few character quirks has been implemented. Quirks really defines each character in the game and helps to set them apart. A vertex painter and automatic mesh optimizer was created for our new cave scene, enabling the artist team to paint the cave with
It’s a trap! Lasse Tassing It may not look like much, but this week exploding barrels were implemented. It behaves like an enemy in many ways (it can take damage, be teleported and such) but obviously it is a dead object and cannot be a target for psychic effects. This meant quite a lot of changes in the internal game mechanics, but now it works as intended. Environmental traps (hazards) were also implemented. Although it’s